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Youth Leadership Summits


Chatham Drug Free is partnering with the Chatham County Schools and the local YMCA to develop a Youth Leadership Program.  The Pittsboro ABC board has been a major contributor in supporting this initiative.  The Youth Summits will be led by Eric Rowles, who “is a nationally recognized trainer, speaker, and consultant whom has worked with over 150,000 youth, adults, administrators, professionals, and policy makers within the past 15 years. His presentations are legendary - by combining the energy and innovation of a master trainer, while at the same time reaching each of us through his stories, research, and on-the-ground strategies."


The summits are an opportunity to enhance leadership skills of the youth participants, as well as offer the youth the opportunity to develop plans to address school and community issues.  Currently, CDF supports the Northwood Legacy group at Northwood High School, led by the Faculty Advidsor, Cari Christopherson.  



Sponsors for these trainings and leaderships groups include: Pittsboro YMCA, Pittsboro ABC Board, Chatham Drug Free, Chatham County Schools.  A big thank you to Dr. Bartholomew at Northwood High Schools for his continued support.



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