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Chatham Safe Homes

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Parents and caregivers have a vital role in this mission. Research tells us that parents and caregivers have a huge impact on whether our children choose to use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. The behaviors we model and the messages we send help our children craft their own messages and influence their behavior more powerfully than we may think or expect. 


We invite you to join us as members of the Safe Homes of Chatham County. As a Safe Homes participant, you are pledging to create a healthy community one house at a time. To take the pledge fill out the form below. Help create a  healthy home and community. 

Safe Homes Pledge 


  • I will not knowingly allow underage youth (under 21) to consume or use alcohol or illegal drugs at my home, on my property, or at gatherings I am hosting at other locations.
  • I will provide reasonable adult supervision when hosting gatherings of underage youth at my home or on my property. When I am out of town, I will not knowingly allow my children to host parties at my home.
  • I will make every effort to lock and safely store alcohol, medication and inhalants keeping them out of the wrong hands.
  • I will make every effort to secure weapons according to the law
  • I will talk to my youth about the dangers of underage drinking, drugged driving and use of medications not intended for them.


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Do you know The Law?
safehome newnameAccording to North Carolina General Statute NCGS 18B-302(a), as a parent/guardian, you cannot legally give alcohol to any child, including your own, who is under the age of 21, even in your own residence, even with another parent’s permission, no matter what the circumstance.

NCGS 14-316.1: 18B-302(c) specifies that you can not knowingly allow an underage person consume or possess alcohol in your residence, even if you did not purchase the alcohol.

All weapons in your home must be secured according to the child access prevention/safe storage law, NCGS 14-315.1.